Thank you courageous people!

Last night around 7PM as my neighborhood started to come out and clap for the essential workers (yes we’re still doing that) and I walked to Harlem Cigar Room to catch a stick. On my way back I just zig-zagged through the streets. I stumbled upon a few neighbors with iVoted stickers and asked if I could trouble them to tell me who they voted for in the congressional race. Aside from the one old-timer who probably thought that I was trying to steal his identity LOL they told me “JFK”. I was wearing a t-shirt and #WeOweUs cap with sunglasses, so I didn’t look much like the James on Google. It was beyond humbling to meet people who didn’t know me yet trusted a stranger enough to tell them (me) that they voted for and idea.

A couple walking their dog in St. Nick Park passed by when I asked a women “who did you vote for in the congressional race today”, and a guy yelled back “JFK for Inclusionism”. I replied to all of them that I was James and said thank you. After a few steps away, I felt them pause and look back like, “that’s him?”.

11,500 individuals and counting… I think that we’ve built something substantial. My vote and so many other’s haven’t been counted yet, but we’re looking forward to June 30th. Andy & I mailed our absentee ballots on Monday. That stated, I’m less concerned about the end number and more about the faithful early adopters of our philosophy of Inclusioinism.

We started this journey because we felt like so many politicians are running for office on the canned speech cooked up in a room of analysts and as a result, they are only speaking to the political class or what we call tripple-prime-voters. These are voters who vote at the Federal, State, and Municipal levels (triple) in primaries (prime). While I love my trip primes, I know that we’ve got to excite the majority of the registered voters by restoring the moral regard of our modern politic. That restoration can’t be met with lip service alone, it has to be tangible. Inclusion is unlike diversity, it’s filled with equity.

Going forward we will build the JFK Organizers to further establish the Juneteenth March that we started this month, build Data Unions to leverage our most valuable asset class in the favor of the people, and expand the Income Movement that we started during the basic income march in 2019 to start distributing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in NYC in 2020. This UBI is not “free money” or money that I (James) am giving to people. This is money that all of you are owed based on your input to the economy around you. Our pilot program in NYC is an act of activism to force the political class to understand that your worth is greater than the decisions made by the people you work for.

I’m not just here to run against a poorly suited incumbent, I’m here to run the tables and get all of the cash back in the hands of the people that we’ve failed to include, who in fact were owed the money in the first place. We owe ourselves a call to courage, and we don’t say they or I because we are a deeply interconnected community of people who love and disagree with each other for the greater good of all of our neighbors. Let’s make an example of NYC an example of how to become the America #WeOweUs, because we know how.

Jay Fin’ Kay 👌🏾



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