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Inclusionism: Guests Mickey Factz & Micah Brown on Neuroscience and Hip Hop

I recently sat down with world renowned Freestyle King Mickey Factz and Neuroscientist Micah Brown, who is also a rapper, for a conversation about new brain mapping technology mastered by Micah’s firm, as featured in Fast Company Magazine.

I love these conversations where the technology surrounding our cultural data can be used as evidence of our tangible monetary value. Our 21st Century politic has to be one that acknowledges the fact that people have intrinsic value.

The entire live cut podcast from WHCR 90.3 FM is at the

Here are some video outtakes of the weekly show, Sundays at 5:30PM EST.

We’ll have Mickey and Micah back to run a cypher with the sensory helmet mentioned on the show. More to come.

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Philosopher of Inclusionism | Engineered Inclusion Score

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