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People often ask me why I’m in politics instead of some business or philanthropic field. They honestly think that philanthropy is more impactful. That line of thought is, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous in America today.

Legislators have a pervasive impact over the way Americans feel about the value and potential of their lives. Writing the laws are how we pull small levers of access for the many of us.

Recently, I sat down with Yeshiva University, Law Professor Christopher Buccafusco to talk about his latest book Law & Happiness to discuss some of those levers and how we legally honor the intrinsic value that each of our lives have. I think that it is our duty to incentivize happiness with the law, as it promotes life, and the preservation of our intrinsic value. Listen to Chris’s and my conversation on how to fight the growing rates of depression and suicide in the United States.

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