Inclusionism: New Weekly Podcast


I’ve been waiting on the Board of Election to publish the final voter count before emailing you all. I’ve also been thinking about how to best answer all of the questions that we’ve received, not only about the campaign but also about what’s next.

As I’m sure you’ve seen, I’ve been in the streets, probably too much. The COVID-19 test I had last Monday came back negative, so that’s a relief. I’ve had two since I’ve come back to life in June. Perhaps, I’ve been a bit paranoid about catching it again. That stated, the work must continue and I’m happy to say that we’ve not only retained the majority of our old team from the campaign, but we’ve grown!

In order to best answer people questions about how politics is working, and how policy ideas can work in practice, and about what an ideology like inclusionism can do in the 2020s, we’ve decided to expand my radio show on WHCR 90.3 FM in Harlem to a pre-recorded podcast. We’ll start recorded this and every Wednesday from 12PM–1PM EST with Political Strategist, Peter Willumsen. It’ll be live on FB & Twitter. I can’t staaand YouTube.

Our first 7 episode series will be “My So Called Campaign”, puns for days, about our campaign and how to build a campaign in general. We’ve met so many people with political ambitions and other people without any but a whole lotta potential (in our opinion)… so we want to spend some time talking about politics as a test of leadership, branding of policy and an opportunity to get the disenfranchised the power they are owed… or hashtag #WeOweUs

Series 1: My so called campaign

Episode 1: How do you become a good neighbor? Can we go beyond ethnic and geographic community to craft a political community?

Episode 2: First task of any campaign: raise money. What are the rules and protocols for fundraising?

Episode 3: The political landscape today. Who is in it, what are the faction/coalitions?

Episode 4: Building a public persona. There role of media, earned and unearned, what are “legitimate” qualifications to run?

Episode 5: Who are the voters? Who is registered, participating, excluded?

Episode 6: Democracy in a pandemic. Difficulties of ballot access, raising awareness a primary election is happening, demographics of the illness, impacts of convenience voting and electorate make-up, GOTC challenges.

Episode 7: What does a winning progressive campaign look like?

To tune in, subscribe at or catch us on every social media platform at 12noon on Wednesdays, or sort-of-live on the radio at 5:30PM on Sundays.

I know I didn’t answer any questions about what’s next, but I promise we’ll start pushing our program updates from the Keith Institute in August.

Let’s Talk about the society you’re owed, but never knew you could have. Let’s evolve the 20th century socialism and capitalism to a 21st century inclusionism.

Jigga The Big Gunz Wiggla