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  • InclusionScore


    The (ISO-30415) D&I Operating System™ Certification + AI + BigData for organizational Governance, HR, Supplier Diversity, & Product ≥

  • Income Movement

    Income Movement

    We are a people powered movement working together to pass basic income. | incomemovement.com

  • Scott Santens

    Scott Santens

    I no longer write on Medium. If you want to follow my writing, please subscribe to scottsantens.com.

  • Shiv Malik

    Shiv Malik

    CEO of Pool instigating Data Unions. Author. Broadcaster. Former investigative journalist. Passionate about economics, decentralization & mutualism.

  • Francisco Mejia Uribe

    Francisco Mejia Uribe

    Philosophy Stories for a Digitally-Entangled World

  • Georgie-Ann


    Entrepreneur, Mother, Creator. Twitter @gsdwithgeorgie , Catch me making moves at GSDwithgeorgie.com. Create value & you shall live forever

  • Dr. Jessica Clemons

    Dr. Jessica Clemons

    Board-Certified Psychiatrist | Using Instagram to Advocate and Educate | Speak Up | IG/Twitter: @askdrjess | NYC

  • Anthony Perkins

    Anthony Perkins

    Silicon Valley OG. Founder and Editor of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group

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